TECAR Canada Unveils Winback Back 1s: Introducing Innovative TECAR Therapy Device for Physiotherapists in Canada

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TECAR Canada Unveils Winback Back 1s: Introducing Innovative TECAR Therapy Device for Physiotherapists in Canada
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TECAR Canada, a provider of cutting-edge physiotherapy solutions, proudly unveils the latest addition to its repertoire: the Winback Back 1s. The TECAR therapy device, is specifically crafted for Canadian physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and osteopaths which sets new benchmarks in efficiency, portability, and treatment effectiveness.

The Winback Back 1s combines the renowned benefits of WINBACK technology with exceptional portability, weighing just 8lb while delivering maximum efficiency. Designed to accompany therapists wherever they go, this device ensures practitioners can administer treatments with ease and convenience.

This advanced TECAR therapy device offers a spectrum of features tailored to elevate physiotherapy practices:

Advanced Tecar Current: With frequencies ranging from 300 to 500KHz, the BACK 1s precisely targets deep tissues—ligaments, bones, joints, tendons—enabling comprehensive treatment across various fields.

Optimized Power Output: Featuring 100W output for both capacitive and resistive power, the BACK 1s prioritizes effective therapy without risking patient discomfort due to overheating.

Versatile Functionality: Dynamic, Low Pulse, Super Pulse, and Tic-Scan functions cater to different therapeutic needs, ensuring adaptable and personalized treatments.

Tailored Electrodes: Offering varied electrode sizes, Winback facilitates customization, allowing therapists to adapt treatments according to specific body parts with ease.

Fascia Tool: Addressing the underestimated role of fascia in pathologies, the connected Fascia Tool aids therapists in breaking adhesions, enhancing elasticity, and restoring amplitude for improved patient outcomes.

Exercise-Rehab Integration: Compatibility with a wide range of electrodes enables active-based recovery exercises during treatment sessions, enhancing patient engagement and recovery.

Innovative Bracelets: The inclusion of double RET bracelets ensures non-invasive and comfortable therapy experiences, allowing freedom of movement for therapists while optimizing energy diffusion for patients.

“The Winback Back 1s signifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for Canadian physiotherapists to add to their practice,” expressed Dr. Nima Pardisnia, creator of TecarCanada.com. “With its portable design and advanced TECAR therapy capabilities, this device is set to redefine treatment efficacy and patient comfort in physiotherapy.”

For more information about Tecar Canada and the Winback Back 1s, please visit https://tecarcanada.com/

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